What are the fundamental principles of JSDA?









As Aikido says “The Co-ordination of Mind and Body for self-defense” 

Self-Defense is an ancient concept and a current issue.  Defensive combat survival is a dying art in our culture, even though the rise of crime necessitates it. Self-defense training will equip you to survive a violent conflict. You can be attacked at work, home or on the road, learn to defend yourself now.

Combat GoshinKai is not a Martial Art; it is a Self-Defense Art made up of various aggressive and passive techniques required to overcome many possible threats, including, hand, elbow, foot and leg attacks, joint manipulation, chokes and weapons usage. Enabling our members to defend themselves against several fist, foot, knife, stick and firearm threats, avoiding injury and/or overcoming their attacker(s). There are no compulsory tournaments or katas (patterns) 

We are not here because this is a business
Money is needed to maintain the facilities but is not the true motivation. The innocent need a means to defend themselves and a way to achieve it.  To better understand Jamaica Combat GoshinKai take a look at our Philosophies and our concepts of The fighter's mind.

Do not worry about your current physical conditioning. If you can only raise your foot knee height then you will become an expert on knee kicking. If you can only kick to the ankle or foot then you will be the foot stomping expert in the group.  Everything will be tailored to fit your ability and even to take you beyond it.

The training covers a wide spectrum Mixed Martial Arts fighting techniques and physical development.  You are also exposed to concepts of personal security issues, with street-savvy ideas and twists. Learn how to vastly improve the physical security of your home; develop alert street smarts; stay safe while traveling in your vehicle, out of town or abroad; recognize and avoid modern crimes; keep your children safe; choose and use effective nonlethal weapons and engage in nasty unarmed combat

Even though GoshinKai is not a Martial Art it uses the tried and proven Martial Art type environment and teaching techniques to help you to surpass your limitations.