Welcome to the Jamaica Self Defense Academy’s website

Jamaica Self-Defense Academy (JSDA) was established in 1999 and we teach Defensive Tactics in the Jamaica Police Academy’s Basic Training Programme.

We are a defensive training system constructed to develop our participants’ street wise nature, mental sharpness and strength.

Due to the rise in criminal activities in our communities, The Jamaica Self-Defense Academy is geared toward providing safety solutions for our citizens in order to restore personal well-being in our society.

In so doing we offer:

Personal Safety and Defensive Awareness Workshops,

Corporate Self-Defense courses (4 months)

Community workshops School Safety programme (COMET)

Certified Instructor Training programmes

Fitness Programmes

The Jamaica Self -Defense Academy was founded in 1999 and we are currently responsible for the Defensive Tactics Programme of the Jamaica Police Academy’s Basic Training Programme.

Our workshops and classes are fun and interactive and teach straightforward and manageable, yet effective ways of dealing with conflict and stressful situations. Benefits include, increased; self-confidence, awareness, co-ordination, emotional balance, physical health, strength and flexibility for greater stress management.

For more information about our programmes, please feel free to contact us at Telephone: 876-968-8238 Fax 876-908-2458 or mail 12 Colliston Drive (Off Hagley Park Road) Kingston 10 Jamaica